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Hey everyone, hope you all had a good thanksgiving holiday! (Those of you who celebrate American Thanksgiving that is!) Got a new download pack I'm releasing today.

This is perhaps my biggest download pack ever. At about 24 images, plus a mini story, plus bonus sketches, plus who knows WHAT else this pack is a real whopper of a stocking stuffer! It's got a little something for everyone in it so if you're a fan of my work you can't go wrong!

That's not all though. There's a new page of Hungry Games on its way very soon? When? Should be ready in a bout a week. Watch this space until then!


Spooky Stories!! - The Devil and Her Pumpkin by Axel-Rosered
Spooky Stories!! - The Devil and Her Pumpkin
    “I don’t believe you. I think you made the whole thing up in fact!”

    Saffron did her best to give her mentor an icy glare, but could only manage to pout and fume
adorably as Regina rummaged through her closet. Saffron had plenty of reason to be upset, as she’d
been tricked by Regina into drinking a glass of pumpkin juice that had been enchanted, and now her
whole body was engorged with the liquid. She was so full and bloated she was barely even able to fit
through the door into Regina’s room when the witch ushered her inside shortly after. As if that wasn’t
embarrassing enough, she’d been stripped of her clothing and was now clad in only her undergarments
as her mentor searched high and low for a dress that would fit her. The only way this could be
worse would be if she’d actually started turning orange.

    “Nonsense, the story of the Devil and the Pumpkin is VERY real and every little boy and girl
knew it when I was your age!” Regina answered back without moving her attention away from the

    Saffron bit her lip, resisting the urge to make the obvious biting remark about Regina’s age,
and instead replying with “well, I still don’t see what that has to do with you making me into a balloon!
Regina sighed. “I explained this already! It’s for the costume ball tonight! Surely you didn’t
expect that I’d show up to the costume ball on All Hallows Eve without a COSTUME do you? And I
figured it’d be just darling if we had costumes that made a pair!”

    “Fine, but why do I have to be so fat!?”
“First of all, you’re not fat, just bloated, and second, because if you’re going to be the pumpkin
you need to look the part! Ahh! Here it is!”

    From within the closet Regina withdrew a bright orange dress, embroidered with black stitching
down the sides and trimmed with green lace and ribbon, obviously intended to resemble a pumpkin in
some way. It was also far too small for the bloated girl.

    “I can’t wear that!” Saffron shrieked. She imagined how it’d look on her, just barely large
enough to fit past her engorged bosom, leaving everything from her belly down exposed for the world
to see. The thought of waddling out in such a state was mortifying. “Do you want me to get arrested
for indecency!?”

    “Oh nonsense, the dress will stretch to accommodate you I assure you!” Regina handed the
outfit off to Saffron. “Just pull it down over your head, you’ll see!”

    Saffron fumed. The last thing she wanted was to go along with this madness and wear the
blasted thing, though she imagined the alternative would be to stay this massive balloon girl and then
be dragged out to the party anyway, regardless if she was properly dressed or not. With a sigh, she
removed her glasses and proceeded to put it on. At the very least if Regina saw that the dress would
barely qualify as a bra on her, the witch would be inclined to change her back to normal.

    Much to her combined disappointment and relief however, the dress indeed began to stretch
and conform to Saffron’s figure as she pulled it on, expanding out far enough to accommodate her engorged
breasts, bloated belly, and even becoming long enough to keep her bulging behind covered.
So if nothing else she wouldn’t have to worry about being exposed, even if she had copious amounts
of cleavage showing.

    Then again, that did little to change the fact that she was enormously bloated and wearing a
dress that made her look like a giant pumpkin. Replacing her glasses, Saffron could even see it had a
pair of jack-o-lantern eyes and a mouth sewn into it now!

    “No way, I’m not going out wearing this stupid thing!” She fumed.

    “Oh what’s the matter I think you look ADORABLE!” Regina, now decked out (appropriately
enough) in the guise of a she devil couldn’t help but fawn over her apprentice. Saffron couldn’t help
but make note of an impish smile on Regina’s face, signifying she was getting some enjoyment over
seeing her apprentice pout and fume over the whole situation. “Come along then, we should be going!
Wouldn’t want to be late for the party!”

    Saffron begrudgingly complied, waddling as best she could after her mentor. She seriously
hoped they wouldn’t have to walk all the way there, as simply getting out of the house was a herculean
task in of itself! As she squeezed out the door, Saffron couldn’t help but wonder if she was in fact
still in the process of growing larger.

    They had barely traveled far enough to leave the house behind before Regina came to a stop.
She turned and proceeded to give Saffron a once over, finger tapping her chin thoughtfully.

    “Oh wait, no this won’t do at all, something’s not quite right...” she spoke at length.
Deep down, Saffron wanted to hope Regina had come to her senses, but knew this was impossible.

    “Ah, of course!” Regina exclaimed after a few minutes of puzzling, and withdrew her wand from
within the depths of her cleavage. With a flick of her wrist, she magically altered Saffron’s shoes and
hat to take on an appropriately black and orange hue to match the coloration of the dress.

    “There we are, perfect!”


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Spooky Stories!! - The Endless Trick-Or-Treat by Axel-Rosered
Spooky Stories!! - The Endless Trick-Or-Treat
And now the images and stories from the recently retired SPOOKY STORIES!! download pack. That's right, Halloween themed stories and art during Christmas time. Because it's not like these stories are actually spooky to begin with. :V


    Annette burped lightly and groaned. She’d been out, going from house to house collecting and
eating as much candy as possible for what seemed like hours now. Her belly bulged and wobbled
from her body, swollen and distended to mind boggling proportions and stretching her costume out
to its limit. It was at this point she wished she’d opted to go with something that bared her midriff so
that she wouldn’t feel so uncomfortably packed into the stretchy leotard, but o, she just had to go as a
superhero didn’t she?

    Still, a little discomfort and bloating would be worth it in the end. She’d hit house after house in
the neighborhood, filling and emptying her candy bag several times over, and now was so engorged
that no one, not even Shannon could claim she wasn’t the Trick-or-Treat Queen! Annette couldn’t
help but chuckle to herself as she waddled over to the agreed upon rendezvous point. It was a public
bench at the corner of the neighborhood where, earlier that night, Annette and Shannon had declared
a contest to see who could obtain the most candy that night. As she approached, Annette could see
Shannon’s head peaking out from over the back of the bench. Annette chuckled; she couldn’t wait to
see Shannon’s face as she hauled both a bag and belly full of candy goodness over!

    “It’s about time you showed up! I’ve been waiting for ten minutes!” Shannon called disdainfully
as her blonde rival wobbled up behind her. She didn’t even bother to turn her head and look.

    “Soooo sorry your highness!” Annette replied sarcastically. “But you know, it’s pretty slow going
when you have to lug all this candy aro...”

    Annette’s voice trained off as she walked up in front of the bench. He eyes went wide as she
gazed upon Shannon’s bloated figure reclining there. She was so stuffed and bloated she looked as
though she would be unable to stand, and judging from the way she panted and her general disheveled
appearance, chances were she had struggled to return, and despite her complaint had likely only
arrived moments ago. Needless to say, Annette was completely caught off guard.

    Not to say Shannon wasn’t surprised herself. Her eyes bulged from her head as she got a load
of Annette’s hugely stuffed belly. It was inconceivable, to her, that someone else had managed to pull
in just as good a haul as she had, and doubly so that Annette appeared to be having such a comparatively
easy time of it when she herself was so heavy and full she could barely waddle.

    “Hmm... well... I see you’ve been doing rather well so far,” Shannon broke the silence at last,
doing her best to straighten out her appearance and regain some composure.

    “You too,” Annette replied flatly. “Though obviously not as well as me.”

    “Oh, is that so?” Shannon struggled against the weight of her belly as she attempted to stand.
Annette had to admit she felt a little embarrassed for her, seeing the difficulty Shannon was
having in getting up from the bench. It probably didn’t help that Shannon’s princess costume was
so tight it was practically ready to burst a few seams! Thankfully after a few minutes she was
finally able to stand again, and, after a moment to catch her breath, thrust her belly into Annette’s.

    “I’m so sorry, but from where I stand I’d say I’m clearly the winner here!”

    “Are you kidding? I easily ate way more candy than you did, look at me!” Annette stated defiantly.

    “Plus I still have a ton more in my bag!”

    “Hmph, I’d say you need your eyes checked. My stomach’s so full of candy my costume’s at its
limits trying to hold it in! If I took it off I’d say it’d be obvious I ate way more than you did!

    “And if I took my costume off you’d turn white as a ghost from seeing how much candy I had!”
The two girls turned sideways in an attempt to better stare one another down without their distended
abdomens getting in the way.

    “Well it doesn’t make a matter how much candy you’ve had now, because I’ll be eating much,
much more before the night is through!” Shannon declared with a sneer and rubbed her belly lightly.

    “Is that so?” Annette replied. “Well it doesn’t matter how much more candy you eat tonight because
I’m going to double that!”

    “Then I’ll just have to triple what you eat!” Shannon shot back.

    “All right then, round two it is then!” Annette exclaimed. “I’m gonna eat so much candy your
head will spin!”

    “Try your best Annie!” Shannon laughed. “You’ll never top me!”

    “We’ll see about that!” Annette declared, and stormed off in determination. Once she had put a
bit of distance between herself and Shannon she began to regret the decision though. She’d already
eaten so much candy and visited so many houses. Would she be able to stomach anymore? She
looked back to where she’d just spoken with Shannon, who was already waddling off in the opposite
direction. No, it wasn’t a matter if she could eat any more candy. She HAD to eat more. There was no
way she’d let Shannon take the crown of Trick-or-Treat Queen.


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Summer Catalogue 2013 - Aliya by Axel-Rosered
Summer Catalogue 2013 - Aliya
We round out the 2013 Summer Catalogue with this image of Aliya, strutting her stuff on the sun bleached sands when oh no, where'd that dog come from? Bad dog! Why would you do such a thing and embarrass Aliya like that? It's almost as though it was on purpose!

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Summer Catalogue 2013 - Bikini Buds by Axel-Rosered
Summer Catalogue 2013 - Bikini Buds
I'd originally uploaded this as a preview image for the Summer Catalogue, but now that it's been retired I figured I'd reupload it at a higher resolution so people can better appreciate it!

Melissa isn't sure what she should be more embarrassed about: that Annette convinced her to squeeze her fat ass into a tiny bikini, that Annette's bulging out of her own, or that she's been wearing it enough to get such a dark tan. Annette just thinks she should relax and enjoy some fun in the sun! ;)

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Summer Catalogue 2013 - Miranda and Kimmy by Axel-Rosered
Summer Catalogue 2013 - Miranda and Kimmy
Space officer Miranda and her little sister Kimmy decide to take some time off cruising Earth's orbit chasing down the perps of the galaxy to enjoy some time at the beach! And hey, being inflated just means you're your own flotation device! (Though Kimmy seems to have brought an extra one for insurance.)

Check out the Holiday Gut Buster pack, currently available on e-junkie!…

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