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Hey y'all. Axel here, with the first journal of 2015!

First off I just wanna give everyone a reminder that there's a sale going on at my e-junkie store through tomorrow, were everything is available for 25% off. That's all download packs, bundles, wallpapers, etc. Click the banner below to head on over!

There's definitely a lot of other things I'd like to talk about, such as plans for the new year. But before any of that, I'd like to let everyone know that Hungry Games is entering the final stages of completion. How final? Let's just say I have all the remaining pages scripted and thumbnailed out, with at least two pages on their way next week! We're going to be powering through these to the end, so strap yourselves in everyone, and be sure to read up on the story thus far if you haven't, starting from page 1!

Hungry Games - Cover by Axel-Rosered Hungry Games - Pg 1 by Axel-Rosered

Outside of Hungry Games, I'm working on getting all those commissions I still owe people out, and to help keep people up to date on things I'm going to start running a list of whose commissions I'm currently working on in these journal, going by the three most recent ones I've worked on. Don't worry if you don't see yourself here since this will be updating frequently.

Currently Working commissions for:


That's all I gotta say for today. Talk to ya folks later. :)


The Booty by Axel-Rosered
The Booty
Here's an image of Metroid's Samus Aran trying to squeeze her buns into those teeny tiny little shorts of hers. Trying being the operative word here.

Don't forget to check out my newly released image pack, which can be purchased off of e-junkie here!…
Pack Preview - New Year's Weigh In Shannon by Axel-Rosered
Pack Preview - New Year's Weigh In Shannon
From my newly released image pack, which can be purchased off of e-junkie here!…

Shannon always wanted to hit it big, and it looks like she finally got her wish! Now if only wasn't as wide as she was tall...
New Year's Weigh In by Axel-Rosered
New Year's Weigh In
Now available on the e-junkie shop, here's a new grab bag image pack to kick off 2015! ---->…
Special Stage by Axel-Rosered
Special Stage
I wonder what kind of bakery you'd have to go to in order to get Chaos Muffins. Probably not the one in your local supermarket that's for sure.

:iconrollingcutter: did the colors, I did the sketch.


New Bundles Available!

Rebound & Friends:…

Baring it All Bundle:…

And don't forget the new download pack, the Holiday Gut Buster! -…
Hungry Games - Pg 20 black and white by Axel-Rosered
Hungry Games - Pg 20 black and white
Here's another page of Hungry Games! To reiterate, I'll be uploading these in black & white first going forward, and then going back and adding color at a later date. So for those who miss the colored pages don't fret those are coming. In the meanwhile enjoy the further adventures of Annette!

Hungry Games - Pg 1
Hungry Games - Pg 19 black and white

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zapzoomzow Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Boy, I sure am glad Axel's gallery is fool of his wonderful deviations and not ads promoting his thousandth art pack! :D
Zooguy123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
You do requests?
Neme2000 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Axel, just wanted to tell you that this guy is stealing your art. You might want to report him.
2006300c Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hi axel, haven't spoken to you in about 2 months, since i got the preview for my Carmen Sandiego and Ivy pic. Just wanted to know if that pic is close to completion and if any progress has been made on the remaining five. ( GI Joe, Lady death and Goth girl) thanks for reading and please have a pleasent day. :)
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