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Just a reminder that the sale I've been running on my e-junkie store ends tonight at Midnight, EST. All items are 40% off so if you haven't grabbed something you want at a discount price you better do so before it's too late!

(Please note, the prices listed under each item in the store is the original pricing. The discount will appear when you view said item in your cart. :) )


Just a reminder that the sale I've been running on my e-junkie store ends tonight at Midnight, EST. All items are 40% off so if you haven't grabbed something you want at a discount price you better do so before it's too late!

(Please note, the prices listed under each item in the store is the original pricing. The discount will appear when you view said item in your cart. :) )
Thanksgiving Tales - The Thanksgiving Day Parade by Axel-Rosered
Thanksgiving Tales - The Thanksgiving Day Parade
“Welcome to the 75th annual Thanksgiving Day Inflation parade! I’m your host Marty Yoobetcha and
with me is my cho-host Susan Howyadooin. That last name is French just go with it. How are you doing
today Susan?!”

“Just great Marty and excited to be here! Everybody’s favorite witch Saffron just floated by what a
treat it was! Though maybe next year she should wear a longer dress before getting puffed up because
oh my, so much underpants!”

“Haha, right you are Susan! And up next...oh yes I believe its Annette! Extra puffy and grumpy!”

“At least shes wearing pants Marty! Though how long they’ll withstand all the pressure is anyone’s
guess! Last year a button popped off those things and leveled a city block! And bringing up the rear...”

“Is the adorable genie girl Aliya! Ha ha! Bet she wishes she wear riding on a float instead of floating
above them! She better hope that top doesn’t pop cause she doesn’t need those “balloons” of hers
floating free and this network is probably already going to get fined up the wazoo thanks to Saffron!”

“Right you are Marty!”

“Wait I thought I was Susan. At any rate it appears...oh no a strong wind is pulling Annette away from
her handlers! Shes floating away! But not before crashing into that skyscraper bringing oh so much
debris down onto the street oh the humanity! Off she goes, but where nobody knows!!”

“Maybe off into spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccceee........”

And with that, Annette awake with a snort.

“Woof” she said sleepily while giving her tummy a jiggle inducing poke. “Might as well be a balloon
with this thing”.

“Next year, stopping at THREE pies”.

And with that, the young glutton nodded back off to sleep.


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Thanksgiving Tales - Thanksgiving Island by Axel-Rosered
Thanksgiving Tales - Thanksgiving Island
    “HEAVE!” the busty pirate captain shouted, trying to motivate her first mate.

    “Oh heave yourself” grunted first mate Sarah Apple. “Oh wait you can’t, because you ate yourself silly
and now you’re the biggest thing on this island!”

    At first being shipwrecked seemed like it might be a good thing, considering where they landed.
Thanksgiving Island was notorious for its gravy rivers and extra delicious (and easy to catch) turkeys.
Despite being separated from the crew both Charlotte and Sarah were ecstatic when they found out
where they had washed up.Except the captain had zero self control! She generally preferred sweets
but when else would she be in a position to indulge in such a fine fashion? Sarah tried to restrain herself
a bit, but the moment they found the mashed potato mines it was all over.

    A Week passed with no sign of the crew, and after a second week there was no sign of their feet!
Then weeks three and four rolled around, and soon and Sarah found herself rolling the captain into
the ocean.

    “Its fine, its fine. Everybody knows Captain Charlotte Eclair can digest faster’n anyone on the seven
seas!” Charlotte proclaimed. “Besides, you’re not looking so slender yourself Ms. Apple!”

    “At least I can stand!” Sarah grunted as she pushed against her captain’s side with all her might.
Charlotte’s belly had grown so enormous even if she could stand it’d likely still touch the ground. As
it was all Sarah could do was shove and push and do her best to roll the red haired pirate into the

    “Standing is overrated!” Charlotte replied. “And besides, my gut is more sea worthy than any raft we
could have built.”

    “FINE” an exhausted Sarah said, giving the captain one final push as she rolled into the water with a
SPLASH. “But when we find the crew we’re both going on a diet”.

    Sarah practically gasped her last statement, as all the effort that had gone into moving captain Charlotte
into the water had left her winded. The vast expanse of her own belly, fattened and expanded by
her own indulgence didn’t make things much easier. Once she caught her breath she plucked the
one surviving oar from their boat off the sand and started wading out towards the captain, who was
bobbing up and down without a care in the world atop her mammoth belly in the water.

    “Oh they’re probably having a tasty adventure of their own” said Charlotte. “And YOU can go on a diet
when we’re reunited with our mateys, I’ll supervise.”

    “Hah, don’t think you’ll be getting my cut of rations then,” Sarah laughed as she clambered onto Charlotte’s
back. “You eat any more and you’ll sink the ship!”

    “Oh details, details, never mind all that! We can sort out all the details later. For now though...” the
pirate captain started with a grand sweep of her arm “ONWARD TO ICE CREAM ISLAND!”


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Thanksgiving Tales - Thanksgiving of the Stars by Axel-Rosered
Thanksgiving Tales - Thanksgiving of the Stars
    Off planet Thanksgivings are always the BEST. Or at least thats what Officer Miranda told her partner
and little sister Kimmy before jetting off to Planet Fullahbelleh. Their parents having opted to jet off
to another galaxy for the holidays and neither sister really knowing how to cook, Kimmy didn’t really
have much room to argue with her big sister.

    “I’m not going to eat anything...weird just so you know” The young junior officer stated with a huff.

    “Oh relax you goof. I eat a second Thanksgiving here every year and its great! The only weird thing
will be if don’t want to clean your plate and get thirds!” the curvy officer exclaimed. “and its too late
anyway, cause here we are!”

    Miranda’s cruiser touched down and the girls went inside the restaurant.

    “Woowwwww” cried Kimmy. “Look at all the kinds of turkeys!”

    Indeed, the buffet table that was the central focus of the establishment contained an embarressment
of alien turkeys. Green ones, glowing ones. Ones with extra thighs or jumbo thighs. Giant turkeys
you could climb inside of and live in if you were into that. Chimera turkeys that put any turducken that
even an ace chef could prepare to shame. And if you couldn’t find a turkey to your liking the house
chef would personally scour the multiverse for a turkey just for you.
And as grand as all that was, it was nothing compared to the mashed potato tables, home to spuds
and taters beyond description and gravy from the future beyond human comprehension.
Also a lonely cranberry sauce can nobody ever bothered to open.
Giddy with excitment, both girls skipped getting a table and went right for the buffet. They probably
would have just pulled up some chairs if a manager hadn’t come up and politely shown them to their

    An hour later and both girls were sporting gigantic stuffed bellies.

    “Ooofa!” sighed Miranda. “Couldn’t eat another bite if I wanted to,” she mumbled as she shoved one
last slice of pie in her mouth. Noticing the look her sister shot she continued, “Hey, doesn’t count if I’m
not really taking any bites.”

    Miranda dropped a generous tip on the table, paid the bill, and both girls waddled out the door.

    “Admit it” Miranda said, giving her sister a light shove. “You had a good time.”

    “Okay okay I...” Kimmy started, then stopped as she felt a rumbling in her belly.
Suddenly both girls’ bellies practically EXPLODED in growth, at first starting as some severe muffin
tops before spreading out and turning them practically spherical. Miranda’s top creaked under the
pressure and their bottoms bulged out of their already too tiny shorts.


    “well” Miranda started sheepishly. “Considering how often this kind of thing happens to us...”

    “You really suck sometimes Miranda.”


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Thanksgiving Tales - The Endless Thanksgiving by Axel-Rosered
Thanksgiving Tales - The Endless Thanksgiving
    Melody marveled at her cleverness. Not only did she get to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner every day,
but the day repeating on itself also meant not worrying about returning to school or having to work
the Black Friday shift at her job. Nothing to do but wake up each day, prepare a feast, and then stuff
herself silly.

    “Aliya was silly to worry about this wish” the young girl thought to herself. “Thanksgiving is even better
the second time around!”

    The third day was even better, as by this point she had an idea of how to best pepare the dishes. By
the end of a full week of thanksgiving she was an old pro, knowing exactly how to optimize her feasting
for maximum enjoyment. Aliya for her part did her best to not worry. “Groundhog’s Day” style wishes
tended to backfire. Though Melody could always undo the wish with another if she wanted, and if
she were being honest, the pudgy genie was just as happy as Melody for the chance to indulge.

    Even if her already skimpy genie garb was feeling a bit snug.

    During the second week, the dinner time meals gave way to full on all day feasts. Why not? After all
its not like either girl had anything better to do while the world was stuck in a loop. After the third, both
girls took to sleeping in the kitchen, the better to maximize their eating time. Their greatly distended
bellies, taut after an all day gorging, we uncomfortable to lay on but eventually gave way to act as
nice soft beds after the food digested. After a month of this however, problems began to arise.

    “Okay I totally can’t get through that door” said Melody, plopping herself down next to Aliya with a

    “Thats alright” said Aliya. “I’m not sure I could get up, let alone waddle to the door. Maybe its time to
undo that wish?”

    “Fiiiiiiine” Melody said with a sigh. “I wish things would go back to normal so it wasn’t Thanksgiving
every day.”

    “POW! Done” said Aliya, with a lazy wave of her wrist.
    “Whew. Now I wish we were back to our weights before all this started!” stated Melody.

    “ can do” Aliya said. “You know the rules. Three wishes a month and you just used your last

    “Oh...oh right.” Melody stated absentmindedly. “Well extra stretchy pants seemed like a good idea at the you want to order a pizza?”

    It was going to be a long couple of days.


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