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July 2, 2013
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Battle of the Bulges - Madoka vs. Sailor Moon by Axel-Rosered Battle of the Bulges - Madoka vs. Sailor Moon by Axel-Rosered
"S-stop!" Madoka stammered, knocking back an arrow and aiming her bow at the descending form of her opponent. "I'll shoot! I'm warning you!"

Sailor Moon didn't stop however. She couldn't stop. Halfway their their battle, she had quintupled her size and girth and become a massive death ball threatening to crush everything in her path, and she had little to no control over where she bounced and rolled.

"I keep telling you!" She shouted at the other magical girl, "I can't stop! Just move out of the way! Don't shoot me with th-"

There was a twang and a thwip, signifying that Madoka had released her arrow and it had made impact with her target. Sailor Moon felt a sharp pain in her side for an instant, like the prick of a needle, and then continued her slow, intimidating descent to the ground as if nothing happened, the arrow sticking uselessly out the vast curve of her belly along with several others Madoka had shot her with a few minutes prior.

"Why do you keep shooting meeeee!?" Sailor Moon wailed. "I want you to change me baaaaack not pop me!"

"I... I'm sorry! I panicked again!" Madoka replied sheepishly. "But I don't know what to do! Nothing I have works and if I don't stop you then you'll..."

"Look out!" a voice from the crowd shouted. There were shrieks from the audience as Sailor Moon's body collided with the arena, crushing a large portion of the wall separating the audience from the ring and taking out several seats along with her. She slowly proceeded to roll forward several yards, knocking over one of the pillars around the ring and even causing a good quarter of it to crumble under her before she began to slowly bounce away. It was clear from the way she moved that while whatever substance Sailor Moon had been expanded with was fairly light, it still gave her enough mass to be dangerous if she collided with anything.

"Some one heeeeelp!" Sailor Moon cried as she proceeded to half bounce, half roll away.

"Wait!" Madoka cried out in response and chased after her opponent. "I'm coming! I'll figure out a way to change you back I promise!"

I do commission art too! Click here to learn more!

Please be prepared to spend at least $30 for a simple, single character image and at least $50 for a full single character illustration. Final costs will be determined on a case by case basis. Generally the more complex the image the more it will cost. Please keep that in mind when requesting additional characters, complex poses or sizes, and the like.
If you absolutely need a commission by a certain date, please let me know so we can work something out.
Reference Material:
-You are responsible for providing any and all references required to do your commission including images of the character(s), background material, and size and shapes. Please be as detailed as you feel the need to be, the less vague a description the easier it is to do your image.
-Stating specific weights, trimesters, or the like do not make for proper size reference. If you do this I wil
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