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June 27, 2013
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Battle of the Bulges - Rinoa vs. Tifa by Axel-Rosered Battle of the Bulges - Rinoa vs. Tifa by Axel-Rosered
Rinoa let out a low groan as she struggled in vain to stand. No matter how hard she tried or how much she attempted to use her opponent Tifa as leverage, all her attempts simply ended in failure. She was simply too fat and heavy to stand under he own power anymore.

"Will you stop pushing on me?" Tifa snapped in annoyance after a minute or two of this..

"Then help me up!" Rinoa replied.

"How? It's not like I'm going to be able to stand anytime soon either!" Tifa responded, motioning to her abdomen. In contrast to Rinoa, Tifa was still slender and sleek, retaining her original shape and size everywhere except her belly. It was far more vast and distended than Rinoa's was, and was so large and heavy that it pinned Tifa to the ground much like Rinoa.

The only thing more frustrating about being to big and heavy to move was that neither of them could remember how they ended up in this situation in the first place. Last they could remember, they were in the locker rooms preparing for their battle in the tournament. Their expansions had already been decided and both girls were taking time getting used to their altered bodily proportions. Even at the time, Rinoa had put on a large amount of weight, and Tifa was sporting a belly large enough to make a pregnant woman blush, but at the time it was manageable. Awkward to move around with considering they weren't used to the shift in body weight yet, but still they were small enough that they could move. To help facilitate getting used to their altered centers of gravity and mass, Rinoa and Tifa had decided to have a small sparring match. That was when... someone... entered the locker room.

It was at this point their memories became hazy. At first they believed it had been one of the tournament officials, come to escort them to the arena for their match early. By the time they saw that the person was wearing a gas mask, it was already too late. Gas had been released in the room and the girls almost instantly succumbed to it. Rinoa only briefly caught a glimpse of the device used to expand the various fight contestants before blacking out.

"Who even was that guy anyway?" Rinoa wondered.

"No idea" Tifa answered. "Didn't see anything about the person that I'd have recognized, though even if it was someone we'd know they were probably in disguise anyway.

"But I don't get it," Rinoa continued. "Why'd they knock us out just to make us super huge?"

"Well, given that they ditched us out behind the arena where people likely won't find us until after the day's fights are over? Probably someone who didn't want us to have our fight."

As if on cue, the sound of the announcer could be heard faintly over the wall behind them, alerting the arena that if Rinoa and Tifa didn't report to the ring in the next five minutes, both girls would be disqualified from the tournament. Boos from the crowd followed shortly after, indicating many people in the audience had been looking forward to their fight.

"Oh no!" Rinoa gasped. "Quick Tifa, we gotta get up! If we don't hurry we're both disqualified."

Tifa merely blinked in disbelief. Rather than say anything in response, she opted to give Rinoa a good punch in the shoulder.


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