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Limit Break - Part 2 by Axel-Rosered Limit Break - Part 2 by Axel-Rosered
It didn’t take much for the three ladies to realize something was wrong. Putting on a little weight wasn’t exactly abnormal, but this was more than just “a little weight.” Not to mention it had only taken a night for them to go from slim and trim to fat and bloated. Plus, that this was happening to all three of them couldn’t have been a coincidence.

All that said, Yuffie couldn’t see the benefit of trudging through the forests and grasslands near Costa del Sol, and decided to voice her concerns as diplomatically as possible.

“This is STUPID!” She whined loudly. “What good is wandering aimlessly in the middle of nowhere going to do us?”

“We’re not wandering aimlessly, we’re looking for something,” Tifa called over her shoulder. “And we’ve explained it to you seven times already!”

“Yeah sure, marching in circles, hoping to run into some monsters that we aren’t even sure are in this area, that’s not wandering aimlessly,” Yuffie grumbled in response.

“Except we know they’re around here, we ran into them yesterday!” Tifa snapped. “How do you not remember?”

“Look, all I know is we ran into some weird looking ladies in bathing suits who did some weird magic that didn’t do anything and then ran off,” Yuffie answered. “I doubt they were actually monsters and they’re both probably long gone by now. I hardly see how that ties into our problem of being total fatasses!”

“Yuffie,” it was Aeris who spoke this time, her voice calm and pleasant. “Don’t you find it a little bit strange that we encountered those lady monsters yesterday, they cast some sort of magic on us and then we all wake up ‘total fatasses?’”

“Well… yeah but-“ Yuffie protested.

“I know the whole thing is weird but it can’t just be a coincidence,” Tifa interrupted. “I’ve heard of monsters like that living way in the north, but there shouldn’t be any like that around here.”

Aeris nodded in agreement. “You have to admit, the whole thing is suspicious, and this is probably our best lead if we want to find out the cause of all… THIS is.” The flower girl grabbed her belly and gave it a light shake for emphasis. As difficult as it was to believe that it had been flat as a board the night before, what was more shocking and worrisome was that it was notably larger than during the morning. Earlier, even if it was just barely, Aeris could button her dress around the girth of her belly and be completely covered, if a little tightly packed. Now however, she was fat enough that the lowest button of her dress had given up the ghost and popped off, revealing a small amount of her lower belly and panties, and even the remaining buttons were drawn so taught and strained that gaps were appearing between them, exposing just a little more bare skin. The rest of her had grown notably thicker as well, giving her a rather stocky and wide appearance. Not that either Tifa or Yuffie were faring much better. The two of them had also become notably more plump and round since the morning, as evidenced by the great, jiggly bulges of their love handles, or the fact Tifa’s butt was now hanging out of the tight belt of a miniskirt she wore.

“Yeah well,” Yuffie pouted, “I still think it’s a waste of time.”

“Well, if you have any other ideas I’m willing to listen,” came Aeris’ reply.

“Forget it Aeris, I don’t think she has any additional leads,” Tifa sighed. “She’s probably just whining because she’s tired of walking.”

Yuffie’s face felt hot. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was exhausted. Tracking down some monsters would normally be nothing to a ninja like her, but the extra pounds made moving around a lot more difficult and before she knew it she was huffing and puffing and barely able to keep up.

“I’m NOT tired!” Yuffie snapped back. “I’m just sick of looking at your jiggling butt is all! Why don’t you wear decent clothes for once?”

It was Tifa’s turn to turn red with embarrassment as she did her best to pull down her skirt in back. “Wh-what, you’re one to talk! You can barely keep your shorts up half the time!”

“Whatever, Boobs! At least I don’t flash my undies when I kick high!”

“Wait, did you two hear something?” Aeris interrupted, though neither of the other girls heard at this point. Tifa’s hands were tightening into fists and Yuffie was reaching for her giant shuriken as they both eyed one another. “Um, Tifa? Yuffie?”

“I told you not to call me that,” Tifa seethed.

“Make me!” Yuffie taunted.

“You know what, maybe I will. You’ve been asking for a beating ever since Wutai and I think it’s finally time you got one!” Tifa glared, cracking her knuckles.

“Will you two knock it off!” Aeris yelled and batted Tifa lightly in the stomach with her staff, pushing her away from Yuffie.”

“Yeah, you tell her Aer-“

“That goes double for you!” Aeris cut Yuffie off with a bop on the top of her head. “I know you’re frustrated by what’s going on but I think I heard something moving around nearby! Listen!”

All three girls stopped for a moment, listening to the sounds around them. Somewhere nearby they could hear the sounds of something moving about, rustling the grass lightly.

“What’s that?” Yuffie whispered.

“I think we’re about to find out,” Tifa answered, balling her hands into fists again.

Only a moment or two later a pair of monsters leapt out at them. Despite having been ready for the attack, the three ladies were all still a bit surprised at what they saw. The two monsters were unlike anything they’d ever experienced.

“What are those things?” Aeris wondered aloud as the two creatures wobbled and jiggled before them.

“Blobs?” Tifa asked.

“I dunno they look more like flan to me,” Yuffie stated.

“I can kind of see it with the one on the left, but the other looks a bit more like a pudding than a flan to me,” Aeris added.

“Whatever, Flan, Pudding, who cares,” Tifa interrupted. “Call them jellies or mousse or whatever dessert you want, but I think these guys are here to eat US.”

“Then let’s give them indigestion!” Yuffie quipped gleefully. Tifa and Aeris merely groaned at the attempt at a one liner.

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Reminds me of Doughnut Drake. Give me a boost.
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You ruined my childhood, but your pic is great!
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Laaaarrrrrrddddddd XD

that's all I could think of when I saw the behind drawing. very cute though and nice story to go with it :D
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Great job on this Axel especially with Tifa she is gorgeus!
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Ah yes, Flans. The number one cause of bloating in the Final Fantasy fandom. I think we can all guess where this is going.

Excellent work yet again, I love the different viewpoints, they really show how their outfits are struggling to contain them.
Power-Of-Nate Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
Very nice, love the front/back views
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A truly wonderful tale is unfolding and the girls are looking great in their ill-fitting outfits. Nicely Done! ^^
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