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January 29
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Limit Break - Part 5 by Axel-Rosered Limit Break - Part 5 by Axel-Rosered
"I think... I think it stopped," Aeris panted. She held her belly in an attempt to quell the jiggling. Silence, save for their panting and gasping for breath, fell across the three girls for a few moments.

"What's happening!?" Tifa exclaimed after a pause. "We just keep getting bigger and bigger and we still don't know why!"

"I can't be a ninja when I'm all big and fat like this!" Yuffie added.

"Everyone calm down!" Aeris urged her friends. "We won't figure out anything if we lose our cool!"

"How is keeping calm going to help!?" Tifa snapped. "Look at us! I'm tired, half naked, I weigh a ton, I can barely see past my own breasts, AND I have a wedgie like you wouldn't believe! There's no way in hell I'm going to stay calm now!"

"When I find who did this to us I'm going throw my shuriken so far up his or her butt they'll taste metal!" Yuffie exclaimed.

"I'll kick their ass so hard they'll be seeing stars for real!"

"Wait, please! I know you're angry but-" Aeris pleaded with her friends to calm down, but it was futile. Tifa and Yuffie were on a rampage and were already charging off in a random direction as quickly as their meaty legs could carry them. In reality it was more of an awkward waddle, but considering Aeris could move no faster herself it took all the energy she had to try and keep up.

"Huff... please... puff... stop for... just a... second!" Aeris panted as she waddled after them. Abruptly, Tifa and Yuffie stopped and Aeris collided into their backs. It was a wonder that none of them managed to topple over.

"Hey Boobs, move those blubber buns!" Yuffie shouted. "Why'd you stop!?"

Slowly, Tifa turned to face the other two. "I think..."

Before she could continue speaking, her belly gurgled and groaned, and slowly began to expand outwards again.

"...It's happening again..." Tifa concluded.

"Oh god no!" Yuffie exclaimed. She tried her best to run in the opposite direction, hoping that putting some distance between herself and Tifa would spare her the oncoming growth, but she barely managed a step before she two felt a rumbling sensation deep within her, followed up by a swell of pressure that caused her to begin swelling up again.

"Not again!" Aeris wailed as she too began to bloat and expand bigger and rounder than before.

Within seconds, their bellies, sides, hips, just about every part of their torsos began expanding, giving their bodies a rounder, ball like appearance. Aeris' dress popped another button, leaving only a single solitary one left to hold it together and exposing copious amounts of her breasts. Not to be outdone, Yuffie's shirt was stretched so tight that it slowly began to rise up her chest, exposing the bottom thirds of her own breasts. Meanwhile her shorts creaked and groaned as they were stretched to their limits, while Tifa's skirt rode up the curves of her butt and hips, bunching up underneath the bulges of her love handles and belly until it was essentially reduced to a belt.

"Oh god... so... big... buh..." Tifa moaned as she stumbled and waddled around.

"It's not stopping!" Aeris exclaimed as she felt the expansion continue. This wasn't like the other times, where their growth had been either incredibly slow and gradual over prolonged periods, or come in quick, short bursts. This time they were swelling rapidly and extensively.

"Someone help!" Yuffie shouted. "Before we turn into blimps!"

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