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December 31, 2013
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Rebound Saves Christmas Part 5 by Axel-Rosered Rebound Saves Christmas Part 5 by Axel-Rosered
Five o'clock in the morning. Just one hour left until sunrise on Christmas day, and still another 50 houses left to go. They were cutting it close even if they spent only a minute per house at this point, that'd leave them with only 10 minutes left to spare before time was up. It definitely wasn't going to be easy. Not only were Rebound and Aliya exhausted from staying awake all night, but they were both obscenely, unbelievably full and bloated from everything they'd eaten that night. Cookies, cakes, donuts, sandwiches of all kinds, all sorts of beverages, each one was consumed without question. It was willingly and with pleasure that they ate each and every treat at first. Having an excuse to sample all sorts of delicacies, sweets and other tasty treats had been a joy for the both of them. Even as they'd begun to grow full they still continued to eat everything that had been left out for "Santa" that night, a sense of duty and accomplishment pushing them forward. But then the night kept on going, and the food never stopped. Soon their bellies began to ache and groan with fullness, and yet they forced themselves to continue eating, now in fear that if they left anything behind they might ruin the illusion that Santa himself had visited someones' house. By now, Rebound and Aliya felt full to bursting, and they still had more houses to visit before they were finished!

"Uuugh, come on Rebound, we've landed. Get the sack out for delivery." Aliya groaned and hoisted herself out of the seat.

"Urrp... oh... okay..." Rebound answered, and slowly, sluggishly rolled herself out of the sleigh and onto the roof with a thud. She was fortunate that the roof was string enough to support her weight, as at her current size she could have easily went crashing through it. Instead she waddled and wobbled her way over to the chimney, her titanic tummy wiggling and jiggling with each step like a proverbial bowl full of jelly. She was colossal, her pink super suit stretched out so far she resembled a balloon almost. How Santa managed to do this year after year was beyond her, but there was no time to think about that now. She had a job to do, and dammit all she was going to do it.

"Okay, I dropped the sack down the chimney already. All you gotta do is jump down. Like we practiced now!"

"I'd hardly call it practice at this point but all right..." Rebound sighed, and half dove, half clambered into the chimney head first. Her arms, head, shoulders and breasts all fit through easily enough. But after that came the hard part: her blimp of a belly.

"Come on Aliya, push! I'm never going to fit through at this rate!" Rebound shouted at the genie. She might has well have whispered though, there was no way Aliya'd be able to hear her from within the chimney.

"Hmmmph! I think you probably gained a few inches since the last house!" Aliya grunted, doing her best to shove Rebound's considerable bulk into the chimney. She fired a bolt of magic or two at the chimney before trying to push the superhero through again. The chimney top began to stretch and expand a bit as though it was made of rubber, though Rebound still seemed to be too big to fit through.

This was going to take some doing!
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Oohhh! I can't wait for the finale! This is great! Will you do more please?
Can't wait for the last part!
Is this the last part?
is part six coming
Cajun05 Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
arent her legs cold? lol love it cant weight for part 6
Cajun05 Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Can't wait for part 6. so far my favorite Christmas/holiday comic. keep it comming!
She has been taking all of the sweets.
BalloonPrincess Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
:heart::heart::heart:Uh oh!:heart::heart::heart:
anyway i like this part were she as to shove her down the chimney because she's fat very nice touch.can't wait still the next part!
so axel rosered  did you read my last comment about the curvy crossover wg comic?

if your wondering im not trying to bug you about it if i im sorry. 
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