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July 22, 2013
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The Cursed Belly Ring Epilogue by Axel-Rosered The Cursed Belly Ring Epilogue by Axel-Rosered
"You're kidding me, right?" Shannon spoke into her cel phone. "Is this about the refund? Look, I'm sorry, I'll give you the money back! Just give me something else that can change me back to normal!"

Normal of course being her usual slender self, something Shannon had hoped the formula she took last night would have done. The shop keep had assured her the potion would cause her to lose all the weight she'd put on, and while she certainly weighed less than she had the previous night, this wasn't at all what Shannon wanted. She awoke to discover her body now even more swollen and bloated than the previous night. The only real difference was that instead of being soft and flabby, her belly and other assorted curves were all now tight and firm, inflated with some unknown gas that had her bobbing around the ceiling of her room.

"I apologize," the shop keep said on the other end. "There really isn't anything I can do at this point! Though it's not all bad news. What you're experiencing is really just a tiny side effect of the formula I gave you."

"There's nothing tiny about it!" Shanon exclaimed. "I'm even bigger than I was last night!"

"No need to shout, miss, it's just a figure of speech," the shop keep replied. "Like I said, it's a side effect of the formula you took. While I understand your frustration, I assure you, once the potion I gave you has run its full course in 48 hours the side effects will dissipate and you and your friend will both be back to normal."

"Fourty eight hours!? You mean I'm going to be stuck like this for two days!?"

"It'll be over before you know it! If you'll excuse me I have some customers to attend to. Have a nice day!"

"Wait, don't hang up! Hello? HELLO?" there was a click on the other end, and the connection closed. "Dammit!"

Shannon attempted to redial the number, but ended up dropping the phone as she clumsily fumbled with it with her puffy, swollen fingers. It landed out of her reach on her bed below with a soft plop.

"Aaaargh!" Shannon wailed. She attempted to somehow swim her way down towards the bed in order to grab the device, but sadly her body was too buoyant to have any of it. After several futile attempts she simply folded her arms as best she could and pouted. Spending two entire days like this was going to be so boring.


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Monday Madness!Hello boys and girls! First of all, shout outs and huge thanks to everyone who purchased the Summer Catalogue or got a commission this past weekend. Combined, they've earned just under $1000 in a single weekend, meaning that another illustrated story has almost been funded! You guys are seriously great, and as promised I'll be creating three one-shot images + stories to release this week to pitch as ideas for the first illustrated story. The first has already gone live and can be seen by clicking on the link below:

There will be two more images uploaded later this week, plus a vote on Friday for the favorite!
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