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The Cursed Belly Ring Part 5 by Axel-Rosered The Cursed Belly Ring Part 5 by Axel-Rosered
It wasn't until the next morning that Annette finally woke up. She glanced over at her alarm clock. It was 10:15, way later than she'd normally wake up. She thankfully had the day off from work and wouldn't have to worry about being chewed out for sleeping in, but still, it was a habit she didn't want to get into. Sleepily she pulled herself out of bed and made her way to the kitchenette to get some breakfast.

"Morning sunshine," came Melissa's greeting. If not for the fact her clothes were different, Annette might have assumed her roommate hadn't moved from the dining table at all since last night. She already had her face buried in textbooks again and was eating what was left of the pizza from last night.

"Seriously Mel?" Annette answered, "leftover pizza for breakfast?"

"What was I supposed to do? Throw it out and waste still perfectly good pizza?"

Annette merely shook her head and made her way to the fridge. "I'm just saying, sometimes you're the very definition of a college student. Better be careful before you get fat!"

"At least I'm not parading around in my undies!" Melissa stuck her tongue out at Annette and continued reading her book and taking notes. Not that Annette was paying her any mind. She was too busy trying to decide what she wanted for breakfast. Having not eaten since early last evening she was feeling particularly famished and figured something quick and painless to prepare would be best. Which of course meant a bowl of cereal and milk. Of course, that meant having to pick out which cereal, of which they had quite the assortment.

"Let's see... Cini-Puffs, Froot Pops, Corn Flakes, Oatie-Os... ooh, we have a winner!" Annette withdrew a box of Choco Puffs from the cupbord with this declaration and immediately set to pouring it into a bowl.

"Hmm... Choco Puffs huh?" Melissa noted as Anette returned to the table with her breakfast.

"I'm in a chocolate mood this morning," Annette stated.

"How many mornings in a row does that make this then?" Melissa asked.

"What do you mean?" Annette responded in confusion.

Melissa was silent for a moment. "Well... I mean... I wasn't going to say anything but you're looking a bit on the chubby side this morning."

Annette rolled her eyes at this. "Come on Mel, really? You know I was just messing with you with the fat comment."

"No seriously," Melissa protested, "have you looked at yourself? I mean your butt has gotten so big your underwear barely fits!"

"As if!" Annette shot up out of her seat to glower at her roommate. "My butt aint any less perfect than any other day!" Annette gave her bottom a good slap for emphasis, only for her face to falter slightly shen it jiggled longer than normal.

"What th-" Annette craned her neck to get as good a look at her behind as possible. From what she could see it was starting to seem Melissa had been right. Her bottom was definitely looking a bit larger from this angle. Without a moments hesitation she dashed back to her room for a better look in her mirror. Sure enough, her butt was definitely larger than normal, causing her underwear to look much tinier than it had just a day ago. As Annette continued to examine her reflection, she saw that her butt wasn't the only thing that had gotten bigger. Her hips were flared out a bit more, and she had developed love handles and a slight belly pooch. Even her breasts were larger, as the stretched out fabric of her sports bra indicated.

"Holy shit," Annette said breathlessly. She spun around a few times to get a better look at herself and make sure her eyes (and her hands) hadn't just been playing tricks with her. Sure enough, all the curves were still there. At first, Annette felt a wave and anxiety hit her as she poked and prodded the new-found plumpness. How could this happen? And right before the dance competition too! Shannon would never let Annette live it down if she showed up like this!

Then, as she continued to examine herself she began to think about all the other dancers she had met at performances and festivals with similar figures to this, who had gotten plenty of cheers and adoration from the audience and who had also won their fair share of competitions in the past. No, gaining a little weight like this wouldn't ruin her chances. In fact, after trying a few belly rolls, shimmies, and hip movements, she began to wonder if maybe the enhanced curves might be a benefit. After all, it certainly gave her some more to work with in her routine, and could enhance the various undulations of her body.

"Hey uh, Annette, you okay in there?" It was Melissa's voice coming from the dining area that snapped Annette back to reality.

"Oh, yeah I'm all right," Annette called back. She made another pose in the mirror, running her hands over her curves to accentuate them. Slowly, a confident smile spread across her face. "I'm great in fact!"

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Please be prepared to spend at least $30 for a simple, single character image and at least $50 for a full single character illustration. Final costs will be determined on a case by case basis. Generally the more complex the image the more it will cost. Please keep that in mind when requesting additional characters, complex poses or sizes, and the like.
If you absolutely need a commission by a certain date, please let me know so we can work something out.
Reference Material:
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-Stating specific weights, trimesters, or the like do not make for proper size reference. If you do this I wil
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"My butt aint any less perfect than any other day!" Annette gave her bottom a good slap for emphasis, only for her face to falter slightly shen it jiggled longer than normal.

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