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July 1, 2013
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The Cursed Belly Ring Part 6 by Axel-Rosered The Cursed Belly Ring Part 6 by Axel-Rosered
Finally the day of the contest had arrived. It had only been a couple of days since Annette woke up to find that she had inexplicably gained a few pounds seemingly overnight, but it felt more like an eternity. Since that day Annette rehearsed her dance routine almost non-stop, only relaxing when Melissa forced her to take some time out for a TV or snack break, and then getting up to practice again the moment she was able. By this point, Annette had practiced and rehearsed so much she could perform her dance flawlessly while asleep.

And yet, despite all that dedicated rehearsal, Annette felt more nervous and unprepared than she had on her first date. Her stomach tied itself in four different kinds of knots and a cold sweat ran down the back of her neck as she made the seemingly endless journey down the hall towards the dressing room.

"Just relax," Annette thought to herself. "It'll all be over soon enough, no need to freak out here, so what if you're going to be one of the last to perform?"

That was the worst part of the whole thing. All the dancers participating in the contest had drawn numbers to decide what order they'd be performing in. Had Annette drawn one of the first few numbers, she'd at least have been able to do her dance and get things over with, alleviating the majority of her anxiety. Instead, she'd drawn number 24 out of 30, meaning she'd have to wait until almost everyone else had performed before she'd have her turn. If someone else ended up doing the exact same dance as her... or if by that point the judges were simply so tired of watching people dance they wouldn't even care how well she did...

"No! Stop stop stop!" Annette thought to herself. "Thinking like that is only going to give you an anxiety attack! This is fine! you've got this down. They won't be able to resist your killer moves or killer bod! You just need a distraction! Something to take your mind off of things. Something like..."

"Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt!"

Annette nearly jumped out of her skin with surprise. Whirling around on her heels she saw the last person she needed to at the moment.

"Shannon," Annette acknowledged the other girl with an icy coolness to her voice.

"My goodness Annie, are you all right?" Shannon inquired with mock concern as she glided up to Annette. She was already in costume, sporting a long, light blue dancing skirt with a split running all the way up to her hip and a matching blue top that Annette swore was purposefully just a tad too small for her generous bosom. Her pinned up hairstyle, pieces of gold jewelry and tastefully applied makeup gave her an air of elegance, which made her tone all the more infuriating. "You look absolutely pale. What's the matter? Getting stage fright right before the contest?"

"None of your business," Annette snapped. "But if you must know, I'm just a little worried for you. After all when I'm done dancing I'll have beaten you so hard the judges will have to call you an ambulance!"

"You must be a on edge tonight if that's the best you can do," Shannon replied. "I've seen better burns from broken toasters than that! Not that I blame you, what with that muffin top you have there."

As if to emphasize her point, Shannon gave one of Annette's love handles a quick little poke.

"Get off!" Annette squealed reflexively.

"Goodness, you'll like that dough boy from the commercials!" Shannon giggled. "What did you eat to get so fat these last few days?"

"Hmph, you're just jealous of my killer curves is all," Annette snorted.

"Killer is right!" Shannon laughed and gave Annette a firm slap on the behind. "With an ass that huge you could probably crush a girl if you sat on her!"

"Watch it, shorty," Annette glowered, "Or else I just MIGHT."

"Oh, I'll watch it all right. With buns that big I couldn't look away even if I tried!" Shannon had good laugh at her own wit and daintily stepped away from Annette's attempt to shoulder check her. "Well, I'd love to stay and chat some more thunder thighs, but it just so happens I'm one of the first girls up to dance for the judges so I have to be ready for them! Don't worry, I'll make sure to tell them to waint until it's over to announce my victory so you can at least pretend you have a chance!"

Annette didn't even bother to acknowledge the taunt, and instead took off storming towards the dressing room. Forget feeling anxious and forget having to go nearly last, all that mattered now was to utterly destroy Shannon in the contest.
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