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The Cursed Belly Ring Part 7 by Axel-Rosered The Cursed Belly Ring Part 7 by Axel-Rosered
After her run-in with Shannon in the hallway, what Annette really needed was for the rest of the night to go perfectly. No more set backs, run-ins, delays, none of that. Reality, of course, has a funny way of never going quite the way we want it to, as she found herself presented with an all new problem upon changing into her costume.

"Mmmph! Come on ya stupid..." Annette grunted as she attempted to pull her dancing pants up over her more than generous hips and backside. She cursed herself mentally as she slowly and painstakingly tugged the sheer fabric around her curves. Not once had it occurred to her that she'd have trouble fitting into her dancing costume with the added plumpness to her body. She just barely managed to pull the waistband of her pants up high enough to cover the majority of her butt, and would have to use her hip scarf to make sure the rest of it was covered. Her sequined bra was likewise a struggle to squeeze into, and in the end copious amounts of breast flesh where bulging from the cups when she finally managed to close it in back.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Annette surveyed the damage in the dressing room mirror. With the way her pants tightly hugged the curves of her thighs all the way to her knees and the generous muffin top and bulging breast flesh she sported, it was obvious that the outfit was a bit too small for her. With the way she was bulging out all over Annette felt more exposed than she'd have liked. And yet, she had to admit she didn't look all that bad either. Better yet, the outfit, while certainly tight in some places, didn't do much to restrict her movements.

"Still," Annette thought to herself, "it wouldn't hurt to warm up and put it to the test."

Not wanting to miss hearing her turn called, Annette simply hummed a simple dance tune to herself as she went through some basic exercises and motions. Nothing too fancy, just enough to warm up and loosen her muscles for her actual performance. A shimmy here, a shake there, and a belly roll or two. She slowly ramped up the complexity to see how well the outfit would hold up under the movements. Thankfully, it held up quite well. After some time, she wasn't sure how long, she brought her warm up to a close.

"There," she panted lightly. "That should be enough! Just gotta wait my turn now."

It'd still be a while before she'd go up before the judges, but Annette wanted to be sure she had plenty of time to get everything perfect. All that remained were her hair and make-up at this point. Annette undid her hair clippings, allowing it to cascade about her shoulders and with a bit of brushing, clips, and hairspray, styled it in a fashion she felt suited her.

As Annette applied her lipstick in the mirror, her eyes wandered down her body, towards the belly ring that adorned her navel. It was the same one she'd bought from that shop a few days ago. She hadn't even realized she'd kept it on this entire time, and hadn't even thought to change it when getting into costume. Looking at it now there was no need. It seemed to fit perfectly well with the rest of her outfit and accessories.

"Dancer number 24," a voice and a knock came from outside the dressing room door. "You're up soon. Please be ready to go in five minutes."

"Oh crap," Annette gasped. She'd lost track of time somewhere. She turned back to the mirror to finish applying her make up. "Whatever," she thought to herself when her eyes lingered back down to her tummy. "Probably just imagining things."

Minutes later, Annette was being led down the halls to the stage where she'd be performing. Other girls, likely other contestants, stood off to the side and chatted away. Whether they were gossiping about Annette and her overblown figure or not, Annette couldn't tell. She was focused now, in the zone, ready to win this thing by wowing the judges with her slick moves and sensual curves. The trek down the hallway was otherwise uneventful. Strange, Annette would have expected Shannon to show up to try and psyche Annette out before her turn, but in all likelihood the fact she was being escorted by a contest official probably scared Shannon off, which wouldn't have been a surprise.

Finally, Annette arrived at her destination. She strode out onto the stage, boldly planting herself out in the lights where the judges could see her. "Hello!" She called out to the judges. With a confidence that could only have come with much rehearsal in front of her bathroom mirror, Annette introduced herself and her dance routine to the judges. With a momentary pause, music began to play over the stage's speakers and Annette began her performance. Like always, she started slow, utilizing small, controlled movements starting lower in her body and working her way up, going faster and adding more complexity to her dance as she went. As she danced she couldn't help take notice of the way her body jiggled and wobbled with her movements. She felt her breasts bounce and shake with the movement of her shoulder shimmies and her hip drops felt like they had more oomph to them. Annette had been worried the extra jiggling would cause her to become self conscious when on stage. But now that she was up here, shaking her thing and moving with the music, she felt great! The energy and grace of her dance wasn't lost on the judges, it would seem, as before long she could hear them clapping alongside the beat of the music. At that point Annette realized she had them, and decided to cut loose. She lost herself in the music and the dance, allowing both to take her wherever they may. Annette felt a wave of euphoria as she got swept up in the moment. She might have continued in this manner, lost in her dance, if it weren't for the clapping of the judges slowly diminishing and becoming replaced by frantic whispering.

"My eyes aren't playing tricks on me are they?"

"I could have sworn..."

"Is she...?"

"But that's impossible."

Annette continued to dance, having been trained to retain her composure in spite of any distractions or hardships, but turned to look at the judges. They were talking in frantic, hushed tones amongst themselves, shooting glances at Annette every few moments before turning to talk amongst themselves again.

"The heck? is-" Annette's train of thought was cut off when she felt a heavy bounce come from her body. Even if she was a bit chubbier than normal, there was no way her body should be bouncing. With a wave of dread suddenly spreading over her, Annette cast a slow, hesitant look at herself.

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