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March commissions are still open, but not for much longer! Please read the information and graphic below carefully before you shoot a commission my way! You'll want to send all commission requests to!

UPDATE: Currently only have 1 pinup slot and 2 illustration ones remaining! Better get them while they're hot!

NOTICE: I'd like to clarify a little bit here: while the information below does state that I require payment up front before starting a commission, this does not mean that you should send payment to me before I even say if I've accepted your commission or not! I've had a few instances of this happening and in a couple I didn't even realize there was an extra payment I had to refund until some time after the fact. So PLEASE be more responsible with your money!

2nd NOTICE: A few people have been confused by this so just to clarify, if you are getting a pinup slot and want to get 3 images, you have to pay for each pinup individually. The only deals I am offering are the ones I list below.  

-General commissions are open! Those who wish to grab an ABDL and/or diaper related image from me will get a 10% discount!

-No black & white images will be offered this month.
-I have 10 slots available for pinup commissions. I have 1 pinup slot remaining! Each person who grabs a pinup slot is allowed up to 3 images per slot!
-5 illustration slots will also be available. 2 illustration slots remain! These are limited to one image per slot!
-1 comic slot is also available! Comic slot has been taken!
-Commission work will begin going out at the end of March!

Please read the graphic below for additional details!

Also don't forget about the new download pack I have available through e-junkie!

A Whole Lotta Joey! is a brand new inflation and belly-centric pack, featuring the genius inventor girl, Joey! A new illustrated story, plus assorted pinups and illustrations and sketch pages make this the most stuffed and well rounded download pack yet!  Click the banner above to purchase!
elcarlo42 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
I send to you for third time a message I tried to contact to you via email the other times you posted this add, I hope that you recive the message this time. :)
Giganticluv Featured By Owner Edited Mar 17, 2017  Student Writer
Hey did you mange get my Email about the illustration commissions?
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